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Location Drives Profit

Data-backed real estate wayfinding

Finding compliant cannabis real estate is difficult at best. Local zoning laws severely limit the universe of possible locations. Property zoned for cannabis use is often disqualified for being too close to a school, day care or other kid-friendly spot. Canna Zoning software calculates real estate compliance anywhere cannabis businesses are allowed.

Accuracy Increases Possibility

Canna Zoning data is human-verified to increase accuracy and ensure multi‑parcel exclusion zones are correctly mapped.

Cannabis Licensees

Real Estate Investors

Real Estate Brokers

Regulatory Agencies

Time is Money

Especially in the cannabis industry, every bad option you can cut from consideration saves time and allows more focus on good options — qualifying options, profitable options.

Will It Vet?

Compliance services for applicants everywhere

Cannabis businesses face unique and significant barriers to entry. Identifying a compliant business location is near the top of this list. Your location is the foundation of your business – literally the ground beneath you. Canna Zoning clarifies murky waters, calculating a comprehensive range of real estate options for assertive, capitalized cannabis companies.

A Top-Down Approach

Most commercial real estate listings will not survive your due diligence process. Rather than investigate property after property and accept the first compliant option you find, start with all apparently-qualifying properties and target the best options.

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