Seattle and King County retail map update

On January 12, 2016, Seattle made major changes to its marijuana zoning code. The new law decreases most of the 1,000′ buffers to 500′, and 250′ in many downtown zones. I’ve made a major update to the retail map. Worth noting:

  • Should work on phones.
  • King County buffers are entirely updated, human-verified, and measured from parcel lines. Some errors still remain — and some apparently-qualifying buffers are ripe for challenge — but this is damn fine data.
  • Click the small tab in the upper right to expose your layers. By default you will see Zoning, Buffers, and Retailers. You can enable two hidden layers, 2015 Buffers and 1,000′ Parks — useful if a park should really be categorized as a playground and you want to see it measured as such.
  • Cannabis retailers are included — with the actual property lines. There are 1,000′ buffers now around 12 retail cannabis shops in Seattle.
  • It’s time for a pot shop downtown. The map is far more open thanks to 250′ setbacks. Check out the crazy buffer shapes downtown where parks cross different zones that require 250′ vs. 500′ measurements. Creating those shapes took quite some effort — those are not errors! (Knock on wood.)
  • When clicking on buffers, you can quickly report bad data via the dropdown box. Easily notify me of a park that should be a playground or a buffer that you don’t think qualifies.
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